Golden Jubilee Bible Convention

THE   BIBLE:  Reading it !  Living it !

Truly, time has been our mirror as we are in history not just making it but also living it.  No one can deny the fact that the Bible has been the mainstream of our faith.  Centuries have come and gone, but the Bible has stood the test of time.   Based on this foundation, the Commission for Christian Life, Archdiocese of Bhopal, Organized a month long Bible Festival to create awareness on the importance of the Word of God and to inculcate the habit of reading Bible every day.  The red letter day started gathered momentum on 4th November 2012, with the enthronement of the Bible in all the families, parishes and institutions. To signify ourselves as one family under one faith, an introduction of the Bible with bible procession in all the parishes, marked a meaningful beginning of the festival. To add colour and make the idea more participatory, various competitions were laced during the month. 

Drawing competition on Biblical themes and parishioner and for all the school going students was organized on the second Sunday of the month. The drawing truly depicted the creative talents in most of the kids with faith as their under current.  On the third Sunday of the month Bible quiz on the Acts of the Apostles for the families by the Bible Mitr of the diocese and drama for the youth were conducted in all the parishes. It was truly enthralling to see how multi faceted our faithful are when it involves something from the heart.  On the Last Sunday of the month there was a Singing competition for the elders and bible exhibition by SCC of respective parishes.  The chapters of Gospel of Mathew, Mark and Luke were distributed to all in the form of a book, to motivate regularly reading in the families with their children.  Its rightly said that the cradle of faith is in the families and the first step of faith in the society.

The Bhopal Archdiocese with its various activities had come to a full circle.  As a part of the conclusion of the festival, the commission organized an Exhibition on the Salvation History at St. Joseph's Co-ed school, Bhopal which was the final runner to all the competitions. Most of the institutions of Bhopal City participated in the concluding program of the Bible Festival.   The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Archbishop, Dr. Leo Cornelio Svd. at 1.30 pm on 3rd December 2012.  Archbishop Emeritus Dr. Pascal Topno SJ., Fr. Mathew VC, the Vicar General were the special Guests for the program.  The students from Ashaniketan school for deaf and dumb, Bhopal performed the Prayer dance and the concluding Dance. Their act was emotionally touching.    Fr. Vijay Shanti Raj, the Secretary of commission for Proclamation, Pachmarhi, was invited to give the mission-oriented talk. He stressed that witnessing Jesus through the word of God is the need of the hour. He reiterated that is a challenge and thus we should all be enthusiastic about it.  The Archbishop gave away the awards and certificates to all the winners of various competitions.  The participants truly felt blessed that their efforts were rewarded.   Fr. Maria Stephen, the Director of the commission and the silent backbone of these events, thanked one and all for their involvement to make this event a grand success.  He exhorted us to grow from having FAITH to be being FAITHFUL.            Deacon Gerald, Archdiocese of Bhopal