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Archdiocese of Bhopal in collaboration with other denominations celebrated week long prayer service held for unity of all the Churches between 18-25 Jan. 2019. Pope Leo XIII suggested to pray 8 days for the unity of the Churches during the feast of Pentecost in the year 1894. Later the prayer started in the year 1908. Since then the prayer is being carried out with zeal and enthusiasm all over the world.

In Bhopal this year the prayer was held in Eternal Life AG Church- Kolar, The Zion Church- Kolar, St Joseph’s Church- Idgah Hills, Hallejujah Church – Near PGBT, Christ the King Church – Bairagarh, Holy Redeemer’s Church-East Railway Colony, Sacred Heart Church- Ratanpur and concluded at Assumption Church-Arera Colony.

On concluding day Archbishop Leo Cornelio SVD and CNI Bishop Manoj Charan were present to grace the occasion. Archbishop said in his address that Jesus is like a tree and we are its branches. Without tree there are no branches and without branches there is no tree. We are all called to be in union with Christ, so that we all may be one he added.  The CNI Bishop said in his address that unity is not uniformity but unity and diversity that take place if only when we accept each others customs, traditions and the way of worship.

The concluding day began with welcome address by Fr. Anthonius Toppo the Parish Priest of Assumption Church followed by lighting the lamp- by different dignitaries.  Pastor C.P. Singh presented an introduction on the universal topic “Justice and only justice you shall pursue.” The penitential rite and the intentions were presented by the representatives of different Churches beside breaking the word of God by Pastor Keshav Pradhan . The Prayer service ended with blessings from Archbishop Leo Cornelio SVD followed by exchange of peace with one another.  Pastors Vijay Nathanial , Sameer Khimla, James Bond, S.L. Sona, Sanjay Masih and Fathers- Mathew V.C., the V.G. of Bhopal Archdiocese, Jose Prakash,  Shaji, Preetam, Kapil and many more priests, sisters and faithful were present. Fr. Maria Stephen the PRO and Secretary for the commission dialogue and ecumenism suggested to have similar gathering once in three months to promote unity and brotherhood among Christians.