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Dioceses: Indore Diocese

Schools: Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School, BHEL

Schools: St.Thomas Convent School, Bhopal

Dioceses: Sagar Diocese

Churches: Holy Family Parish


Assisi Provincialate - mmbap@sify.com
Fr. Paul Vithayathil CMI - vithayam@rediffmail.com


Congregation of the Passion - bhopalcp@sify.com
Miriam Community - msmh@sanchamet.in
Pastoral Centre - pastcent@gmail.com


AICUF Ashram - zachylakra@gmail.com


Prison Ministry - pmibhopal@gmail.com


Fr. Abraham Maria Michael - fairies3333@gmail.com
Fr. Alexander Jesudasan - jsalex@rediffmail.com
Fr. Antony Akkanath - antonyaugustin@gmail.com
Fr. Antony Samy - rajaantonysamy@gmail.com
Fr. Arul Samy - sanarulsamy@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Benito - benito1709@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Chinnappan - sneheart@gmail.com
Fr. Cyriac James - frcyriacjames@rediff.com
Fr. Denis Cameiro - frdeniscameiro@yahoo.com
Fr. Denis Manuel Carneiro - frdeniscarneiro@yahoo.com
Fr. Dileep Minj - dileepminj@gmail.com
Fr. Francis Maria - m_f_rancis@yahoo.com
Fr. Francis Scaria - fscaria@gmail.com
Fr. George Stephen - geo2861@yahoo.com
Fr. Georgekutty Vazhakala - frgeorgevazhakala@gmail.com
Fr. Harrison Markose - halloharri@hotmail.com
Fr. Hermon Kujur - hermonkujur@gmail.com
Fr. Irudayaraj - irubaptist@gmail.com
Fr. Irudayaraj - frirudayarajbpl@gmail.com
Fr. Isaac Ekka - isaacekka@gmail.com
Fr. John Thomas - frjohnbpl@gmail.com
Fr. Johnney Pullopillil - frjpj@ymail.com
Fr. Johny Kannikkat - frjohnykannikatt@gmail.com
Fr. Jomi Panithas - anthonyjomi@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Jose Prakash - fr_josprakash@yahoo.com
Fr. Joseph P.P - josephpp66@hotmail.com
Fr. Joseph Thannipilly - joethanni@gmail.com
Fr. Joy Thomas - frjoythomas@gmail.com
Fr. Kulandaisamy - kulandaida@gmail.com
Fr. Lancy Fernandes - frlancyfds@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Leo Babu - babuleo@gmail.com
Fr. Maria Stephen - muthaianmaria@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Mathew V.C - mvallatt@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Melvin C.J - melvinthadeus@gmail.com
Fr. Michael Sebastian - frmichaels@yahoo.in
Fr. Philip K.P - frphilipkp@yahoo.com
Fr. Prabhudas Tirkey - tirkeyprabhudas@gmail.com
Fr. Reboni Asir - reboniasir2007@gmail.com
Fr. Ronald Cardoza - frroni1805@yahoo.com
Fr. Ronald Melcum Vaughan - frronald@gmail.com
Fr. Saiju Antony - saiju.kolarikkal@gmail.com
Fr. Sebastian Tigga - frsebastiantigga@gmail.com
Fr. Shaji E. Stanislaus - frshajie@gmail.com
Fr. Shellmon Antony - frshellmon@gmail.com
Fr. Siby Joseph - sibybhopal@gmail.com
Fr. Silbirius Tigga - frsilbirius@gmail.com
Fr. Solomon S. - fathersolomon@yahoo.com
Fr. Soosai P - fr.p.soosai@gmail.com
Fr. Soundararajan - srajan770@gmail.com
Fr. Stanlin Jerry Anto - stanjerry@gmail.com
Fr. Suman Kumar Tirkey - sumankumartirkey@yahoo.co.in
Fr. Thomas Panackal - tpanackal@hotmail.com
Fr. Thomas Philip - thottumannil@rediffmail.com
Fr. Varghese Shiju - varghese.ps@gmail.com
Fr. Vincent Suares - sauresvincent@gmail.com


St. Josephs Co-ed School - st_jschool@yahoo.co.in