Relief & Rehabilitation


The concept of development ignites passion in many and the realization of it vividly expresses in the removal of pangs and sorrows of many. Over 400 people afflicted by leprosy have found shelter, care and job opportunities in the Mahatma Gandhi Kuxtt Ashram at Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal built by Society of Pilar, Bhopal is the shelter for leprosy patients. Patients who have been cured of leprosy live with their families, working in the community either in the rehabilitation workshop or in other areas. A dedicated medical officer attends to their needs. Children of leprosy parentage are able to live in this community, away from the stigma surrounds this disease. They attend local schools and receive professional training to follow a vocation of their choice. Today 80 families are accommodated in 80 different houses and their children are educated free of cost.

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